* Networked Intel Pentium PC & Laptop
* HP LaserJet 3115
* Canon Inkjet 680
* Konica 2400 Color Laser
* Sony DVD-RW/CD-RW Drive
* CardScan 600c
* Dymo Labelwriter
* Kodak Digital Camera
* Start/Stop Digital Transcription
* Standard and Micro-Cassette Transcriber
* Zip 750
* HP Scanjet 4670
* Palm Tungsten T5
* Cable Internet Connection


* Windows XP
* Microsoft Office 2003 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access,
* WordPerfect Office 2002
* Adobe Photoshop Suite
* Cute FTP
* FileMaker Pro
* Paper port
* McAfee Virus Scan
* Microsoft Project
* Microsoft Publisher
* PC Anywhere
* Microsoft Money
* Peachtree Accounting
* QuickBooks Pro versions 2005


MCR Business Solutions' rates are tailored to our client's budget and are
based on the complexity of the project.  We do offer special introductory
rates to our new customers and also have a referral program for our existing
clients for new clients referred to MCR Business Solution.

To help insure fair pricing, MCR uses the "Industry Production Standards"
guide published by OBCAI (Office Business Centers Association
International) for computing time as one factor in calculating billable time.
IPS is the industry's guide for computing time for document production and
non-keyboard administrative services.
Technology & Pricing